Time Samples features a large collection of found objects and paper sculptures, which are made and then reoriented conceptually, first by the artist and ultimately through the participation of many collaborators. As the title Time Samples suggests, these sculptural works are fragments from the world shaped by layers of temporality: the time and place in which they were found, the moment of their recasting toward new formal and physical orientations, the instance of a viewer seeing something in them that calls to mind a title, and so on. When Knowles finished her work on each piece – work of assemblage, of encasing in paper pulp, of subtraction or alteration – she invited friends and other artists to “elaborate” them by offering titles. In several cases she titled objects herself with excerpts from the strata of her previous production (her artist’s books, old prints, etc.) and from dictionaries, literature, even the radio. The titles and the objects themselves carry the quality of musical scoring — the potential for ever-new interpretations. In Time Samples, the temporal layering is continuous. It extends even into the moment that viewers of the present exhibition recognize their own, purely subjective formal and metaphorical analogies for the objects.