Albuquerque Journal, July 11, 2005

From the Art Review: “Harwood Hosts Three Diverse Exhibits.”

Garrison and Radosevich are a long-established artist team who believe in process-oriented installation art. Their show is brimming with narrative in the form of a camera sculpture, a series of small landscape photographs framed in steel plate, and several artifacts from their travels including two hats and a pair of walking sticks.

On the wall are two harnesses designed to carry the heavy cast iron camera up hill and dale. The rig reminded me of the act of binding religious sculptures with leather straps onto believers as an act of penance. The hats and walking sticks come straight out of 1,000 adventure stories both real and fictional. Their whole presentation is evocative and somehow familiar as if the viewer has stumbled upon the end of the journey minutes after the protagonists have hung up their hats on the way to the bath. -- by Wesley Pulkka