Joshua is a group photo essay project created with 18 artists for Bloom Mitzvah, a month long series of creative artist interactions with the Mojave, inspired by the Joshua Tree Superbloom in 2019. The photographs correspond to verses to JOSHUA, a song (by United Catalysts artist Kim Garrison) that describes the travels of the Israelites, Mormon settlers, and all who wander in the desert. The naming of Joshua trees is attributed to early Mormon settlers, who likened the tree’s arms to the gestures of the Israelite prophet.

Brent Holmes Joshua.JPG


raised his hand to speak

he said “You must be tired,

and all your senses weak,

But though we wander

in strange lands,

Though we wander

in strange lands,

we will find home again.”

Performance Artist and Writer
Brent Holmes

2 waters stood aside holly.jpg


on a desert ledge,

cast forth

his hand to point

across the river’s edge,

And the waters stood aside,

The waters stood aside.

across Jordan

they did ride.

Visual Artist Holly Lay

land of milk and honey 1.jpg


of milk and honey.

Mixed Media Artist Kathleen Mc Murray
Conceptual Artist Kim Garrison Means
Sculptor Lupe Aguirre

Joshua hands.jpg


of creosote and cactus trees

Artist and Poet Rachael Bennett
Conceptual Artist Steve Radosevich
Poet Angela Brommel

Matt Gierisch Joshua.jpg


with his arms spread wide,

said “Take a look around,

Come stand here

by my side,

Because this is

our promised land,

This is our promised land,

And it’s where we make a stand.”

Printmaker and Musician Matt Gierisch

Leland Means Joshua.JPG


with his arm held high,

did hear

the trumpets sound,

he gave the battle cry,

And the walls

came crashing down,

the walls came crashing down,

and they tumbled to the ground.

Sculptor Leland Means

Lilia Todd Amanda Browder Joshua.jpg


Threw his arms

up in the air,

and when those walls came down,

Then everybody there

Could see that God was on his side,

Yes God was on his side,

and there was nowhere to hide.

Sculptor Lilia Todd
Installation Artist Amanda Browder

joshua rachel.jpg


of milk and honey.
(vegan version)

Ceramic Artist Teresa Hermanny
Artist and Activist Michael Clemson
Book Artist Rachel Hillberg

joy Chris mormon tea.jpg


of purple sage and Mormon Tea.

Sculptor and performance artist Joy Fire
Musician and Writer Christopher W. Gibson

jim woody joshua


if you’re looking down,

you’ll see we are so tired,

‘cause we’ve been wandering around.

Tell us, where is our promised land?

Where is our promised land?

Where is our promised land?

We must find home again.

Sculptor and Musician
James Woody