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Skywheel Tower

Visitors to Skywheel exhibitions and performances add their handwritten prayer scroll to the Skywheel tower, where they can experience the growing collection of prayers from people around the world.

The scrolls are opened at the end of each exhibition, converted to digital text, and worked into the project. A team of writers and interpreters work with the contributors to check and edit the text as necessary to prepare it for the prayer wheel satellite.


Pray for planet earth

From informal writing spaces in the exhibition, to formal workshops accommodating up to one hundred guests, the Skywheel Project provides time, space, and structure for contemplating the future of our planet and what would best be of service as we adapt to the changes to come.

Skywheel Shrine Writing Prompt

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Poetry And voice

Poets, actors and students share original and historical poems about the heavens and the earth. In a sound performance, participants read prayers that have been contributed to the Skywheel Project, accompanied by musical bowls.


movement as ritual

Improvisational dance students embody the individual prayers from the Skywheel tower in powerful performances.