Skywheel Text Guidelines

1) PRAYER. First and foremost, the texts inside the Skywheel are prayers. Prayer is common to all cultures worldwide throughout human history, and coincides with the development of art, over 50,000 years ago. Prayer is an act performed to communicate — often to a deity, part of nature, ancestor or the universe as a whole. The language of prayer is used to connect us to what we feel is sacred, a sense of something greater than ourselves, of time and space and the continuum of life. It is a mechanism for setting our intentions, calling upon spiritual strength, and expressing gratefulness for all that we have.

2) POSITIVE ENERGY. While Skywheel prayers can express a wide variety of emotions and work through difficult issues, they should ultimately express positive energy for the future of our world. You can do this by giving a specific blessing for a part or all of the planet, asking for help from helpful forces (dieties, nature, the universe, etc…) or stating an intention to act or think positively for the benefit of the planet.

3) CLARITY. Your text should be easily readable and understandable by others, so they can appreciate your thoughts for the Earth. It is fine to include culturally-specific terms that not everyone is familiar with, as these can be looked up by curious folks. If there are grammar or spelling issues, we will work with you to resolve them before including them in the satellite.

3) HONESTY. You don’t have the soul of a poet or the discipline of a spiritual guru to have honest hopes and dreams for our planet’s future. All heartfelt text that follows the guidelines above will be accepted into the Skywheel.