Inside the stilted cave

Inside the Stilted Cave
ASA: 100
LIGHT: unreadable
EXPOSURE: 10 min.
May 26, 2004, late morning,
near Beatty, NV

Here in this mine the light is like that of a cathedral.  The miners dug out a huge grotto: there are multiple entrances and even skylights.  How wonderful that this place should be made beautiful by their pursuits.  This used to be a mundane space, a workspace, but now in this light, it seems a holy place.

We are realizing more about why we built this camera and use it the way we do.  We are miners too, seeking a glimpse of the sublime.  Our camera is a piece of mining equipment that allows us to better focus on the experience of seeking.

 This mine is dangerous.  There was one exposure that we did not take because the ceiling in that part of the mine looked too unstable.  We are close to there now.  Every minute that we are in here we are praying, and watching our steps.